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Pre-built SharePoint Intranet – Athena2023-08-11T09:42:53+01:00

Pre-built SharePoint intranet solution with all essential Microsoft 365 features

Athena is built entirely within SharePoint Online, and requires no additional subscriptions or licensing.

Athena – your ready-made intranet

Athena is the culmination of years of experience building successful intranets for our customers. We’ve taken the key attributes that we commonly find and built an intranet that we can transfer to your Microsoft 365 environment ready for you to populate with your own content.​

Best practice approaches to design and architecture have been used to create a robust, modern experience that springboards you to a point where you’re ready to bring your organization on board.​

pre-built SharePoint Intranet​

Customise your pre-built SharePoint intranet as needed

Your ready-made intranet is quickly deployed by our specialist team and ready for you to tailor as needed, before adding your own content (we have placeholder content in place to help get you started).​

Our experts are also on hand to provide initial guidance on the principles to follow, and to answer any questions you may have.

Pre-built intranet - advice and guidance
Pre-built intranet - training
Pre-built intranet - full ownership

Advice and guidance

During deployment, we will provide you with best-practice advice on managing your intranet going forward


We’ll provide an introductory training session covering how Athena is configured, why, and how to build your own areas

Full ownership

Athena is deployed to your Microsoft 365 environment, and has no on-going licence fee for use beyond your existing M365 subscription

Athena pre-built sharepoint intranet


Book a demo of our pre-built SharePoint intranet and find out more about pricing.

Athena – Your pre-built SharePoint intranet FAQs

What makes a pre-built intranet different to an off the shelf intranet solution?2023-08-11T09:55:33+01:00

By implementing a pre-built solution you are using SharePoint (alongside other tools). There’s no software installation, no additional platform needed, and everything exists within your own environment. We do not make any changes to the SharePoint interface and so staff don’t have multiple platforms to learn.

How long does it take to setup Athena?2023-08-11T08:31:56+01:00

We’ll start by carrying out some pre-requisite activities with you such as gaining access to your tenant and walking you through everything we will do. From there, the deployment process takes a day or so to complete. From there, we can provide an initial training session, as well as an advisory discussion.

All-in-all, the exercises required should have you ready to build within a week!

What is required from our end to set up Athena?2023-08-11T08:33:38+01:00

We will need a dedicated account with the required administrative rights that allow us to deploy solutions on your tenant. We do not require any access to your wider data, and the account we use can be disabled/removed once we’re done. If preferred, we can guide a member of your team through the elements that require administrative access, before we then take over with a lower-access account to carry out further configuration.

Is our data secure in Athena?2023-08-11T08:34:43+01:00

Your data – all of it – will be stored in your Microsoft tenant, nowhere else. We will not change the model of storage in any way and so your data is as safe in Athena as it is anywhere else within your environment.

Will the Athena pre-built intranet be updated with recent features?2023-08-11T08:36:08+01:00

As this is using SharePoint, you will still receive all updates/features that Microsoft release. Nothing we apply will impede this in any way.

Which Microsoft 365 features are included in this pre-built intranet?2023-08-11T08:46:34+01:00

When deployed, your intranet will showcase examples of best practice SharePoint Online design, along with additional elements such as Microsoft Forms, PnP Search, Microsoft Sway and others to showcase how they can be implemented.

Is there an ongoing licence fee?2023-08-11T08:47:36+01:00

In a word: No. This is a one-time payment, and so you will only continue to pay your Microsoft 365 subscription licence as normal.

Can we easily make changes to the design, layout and structure once implemented?2023-08-11T08:54:16+01:00

Absolutely. This is built using SharePoint Online out-of-the-box features, and therefore you have full control over everything.

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