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Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration2022-02-24T11:31:44+00:00

We do the heavy lifting, with minimal downtime and impact for you

Often following a merger, acquisition or divestiture (MAD), there is a requirement to merge multiple IT infrastructures into a single cloud-based solution. This can be an overwhelming prospect, and for good reason. 

When you consider the breadth of Microsoft 365 services available today, a tenant-to-tenant migration can be a huge undertaking, but we have the experience to help you overcome the challenges.

Having the right tools, knowledge and experience can make the process of migrating between Microsoft 365 tenancies easier, but executing these types of migrations is not a well-trodden path and only a small number of organisations can claim to have successfully delivered a transition to a single digital workplace.

Migrating between Microsoft 365 tenancies can be far more complex that just moving mailboxes or SharePoint sites. We understand the intricate dependencies and integrations between Microsoft 365 workloads.

But it’s not just about moving data. Moving to a new tenancy can impact user accounts, devices, guest access, phone systems, security, governance and of course change management and communication.

Our approach takes all aspects into consideration, enabling us to help define a migration strategy that’s right for you.

Microsoft 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

1. Investigation

One of the first things we focus on is an end-to-end audit of your Microsoft 365 tenancies. This ensures we understand how the platforms are used and by engaging with stakeholders we can appreciate the usage and business objectives behind the transition.

We’ll design the migration plan around the needs and expectations of your organisation, working to address the challenges and building on best practices.

2. Migration

Following the in-depth discovery and design investigation, we’ll execute the migration plan in order of dependencies and priorities, copying data across to the new tenancy. We use our toolkit of migration tools and custom scripts to streamline the process and present a seamless experience and real-time reporting.

3. Change & Adoption

Migrating between Microsoft 365 tenancies is not just a technical migration. Intelogy are passionate believers in ensuring that the people affected by IT change are well managed. This means we follow a well-defined approach for Change & Adoption Management. We will help you put together a set of communications to all staff and provide relevant training sessions.

4. Beyond a Migration

Moving to a new Microsoft 365 tenancy provides an ideal opportunity to undertake a complete Digital Transformation.

Incorporating data migration, digitising business processes, developing a communication portal and enhancing productivity with collaboration tooling into the scope of the programme will enable all staff to feel part of one organisation, where everybody can communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively, knowing that they are operating in a secure and compliant environment.

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We go beyond a Migration

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