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Microsoft Gold Partner2022-01-18T11:41:34+00:00

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Intelogy has reached the highest standard of accreditation in the Microsoft Partner Program

Microsoft Gold Partner Logo

In order to become a Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft requires a strict number of proven technical competencies to be achieved. Our competencies in Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Cloud Productivity, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Cloud Platform prove our expertise in delivering high quality solutions and services in these specialised areas.

Microsoft Gold Partner Logo - Microsoft Partnership
Microsoft Silver Partner Logo - Microsoft Partnership
Microsoft Preferred Business Applications - Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Preferred and Charter Member

Microsoft’s Preferred Partners are a select group of Microsoft partners who are committed to helping customers take advantage of Microsoft technologies to improve their business processes. Intelogy has been recognised as being “Preferred” for Microsoft 365 Business Applications.

Also Intelogy has been selected by Microsoft as a Charter Member within the Content Services Partner Program. This puts Intelogy into an exclusive group that has been recognised by Microsoft for the quality of its technical delivery and knowledge and insight in this area.

Microsoft Content Serv Charter Member

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