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Looking for a Microsoft Licensing partner and Cloud Solution Provider?

Whether you have a number of Microsoft Cloud services already or are looking to adopt new ones – we can supply the full range of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft EM+S, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 licences -as well as select products from recommended additional providers.

When adopting the Microsoft Cloud, you will need a subscription for the services you require. Choosing the Microsoft Cloud as your solution gives the peace of mind that your users’ data is protected by enterprise-grade security, with access to administrative controls to further secure your environment.

You can also be secure in the knowledge that your investment comes with the Microsoft 99.9999% uptime guarantee.

As part of your digital transformation project, why not combine licence provisioning with one of our flexible Managed Services and Support Packages? Learn more about our Licensing Services below.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Microsoft 365 is a Cloud-based software solution that integrates across the Microsoft Office suite alongside Microsoft’s hosted server which includes SharePoint server, Exchange Server and Teams. Combine your Microsoft 365 licensing with the Microsoft Office 365 line of licences to provide a solution for installing the client applications across multiple devices to give maximum value and flexibility with the freedom to work on the go.

  • Microsoft Office 365 installs on both PCs and Macs
  • Additional capabilities in the mobile applications for iOS & Android

  • Benefit from the latest advanced security & device management capabilities

What licence do I need?

We appreciate licensing can be complex. Intelogy has accredited Licensing Specialists in the CSP Program for Partners, ready to support you and share advice on your licensing needs through our dedicated Service Desk.

This provision is backed by Pax8 – one of the largest Microsoft Partners and Resellers globally.

If you would like any guidance about which licences might suit your organisation  – please get in touch.

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