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Are you satisfied with your plans for governing Microsoft Teams

In the rush to support working from home, thousands of organisations have rushed into Teams, without long-term plans in place. Many are starting to realise that the information they are storing and sharing in Teams isn’t being managed effectively. Do you know which part of your organisation own which teams? Are Teams being used consistently? Are your compliance obligations being upheld across Teams? Is there a risk of information loss? Is there a risk of information loss?

We can help you GET TEAMS RIGHT, through reviewing your current configuration and devising a roadmap and governance plan for your use of Teams.

Key benefits Microsoft Teams

Long-term goals:

Define clear ownership and responsibilities within Microsoft Teams

Apply an end-to-end life cycle to your Teams, ensuring effective information management

Reduce the number of information silos, unnecessary duplication and minimise the risk of content loss

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Microsoft Teams
Remediation Plan – £9,975 

Your organisation has deployed Microsoft Teams but there was no Governance Plan in place to protect and maintain this environment. You are facing a growing sprawl of user created Teams, file duplication and multiple versions of documents. 

Our experts will assist you to bring your Teams environment back on track by:

– Setting up a long-term Governance Plan
– Defining recommended ways of working with Teams
– Providing Adoption Support
– Creating guidance documents to support site owners
– Presenting a Data Storage Guide

We will make sure you walk away with a secure and easy to use Teams environment that can easily be governed and controlled for the long-run. 

Get your teams back on track right now
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