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Cloud computing, modern IT, modern workplace – it goes by many names, but the cloud is changing the way we interact with data and devices.

Re-imagine the way we provision, secure and maintain devices, remove boundaries between users, teams and data to modernise and simplify the user experience of day-to-day working.

  • Tired of cumbersome image management and deployment?
  • Still running unsupported versions of Windows and Office?
  • Looking for security solutions integrated into Windows and Microsoft 365?
  • Concerned about data leakage and compromised identities?
  • Want to enable BYOD and personal device access with confidence?
  • Interested in conditional access based on user, device or location?
  • Simplify on-boarding new devices with Windows Autopilot

  • Easily apply security baseline policies recommended by NCSC

  • Keep devices up to date and compliant

  • Protect against threats with Microsoft Defender ATP

  • Integrate with OneDrive for Business for device backup

  • Cloud-based VDI and app publishing with Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Classify content with sensitivity labels, no matter where it lives or where it goes

  • Prevent accidental or intention data loss through email and external sharing

  • Enable access to company data using personal devices with confidence

  • Conditional access to company data based on user, device and location

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Conditional access based on user, device and location

  • Single sign-on with cloud, on-prem and other SaaS applications

  • Advanced threat protection against phishing and spoofing

  • Insights into suspicious activity and compromised identities

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