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Business process automation

We use Nintex products to automate everyday business processes to help people get more done in less time.

With Nintex, we speed up all kinds of processes, reduce administration and empower people so they can be more responsive to customers, partners and colleagues.

Nintex Partner

We are a certified Nintex Partner with over 10 years of experience using Nintex products and we employ one of the highest number of certified Nintex professionals in the UK. We are often referred by Nintex to their enterprise customers looking to take their solutions to the next level. We can also provide support for in-house teams.

Nintex Workflow

With Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, you can build simple to sophisticated workflows the way you visualise them, using a drag and drop interface that requires little or no coding. We help our customers increase productivity by quickly turning time-consuming, manual business processes into automated, efficient, enterprise workflow solutions that are mobile, social and cloud enabled.

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Nintex Forms

With Nintex Forms for SharePoint you can easily and quickly build web forms without code. Combining with Nintex Workflow means your data gets where it needs to go and you can create powerful workflow solutions that are integrated with other business applications.

Nintex Forms provides support for dynamic fields, data validation, conditional display areas and custom formatting and integrates with databases and business applications via SQL and standard web services.

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Nintex Mobile

Nintex Mobile apps put the power of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms in your hands – anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the road or between meetings, you can participate in processes quickly, easily and securely. Nintex mobile supports images, attachments and geo location and works with SharePoint, Office 365 and even offline.

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Why customers use Nintex?

  • To automate business processes

  • To create forms

  • To provide solutions for customers

  • To integrate data from disparate systems

Who uses Nintex?

IT Departments

  • Service Provisioning

  • Registration and user management

  • IT service and solution changes

  • Help desk support

  • Internal processes

Finance and Admin

  • Travel requests

  • Purchase requests

  • Expense claims

  • Invoice processing

  • Contract review

  • Authorisation and sign-off

Human Resources

  • On boarding new staff

  • Holiday and Leave Requests

  • Employee Training

  • Policy and Procedure changes

  • Handling staff exits

Operations Delivery and Procurement

  • Travel requests

  • Product approval

  • Quality assurance

  • Vendor contract management and approval

  • Ordering materials and services

Sales and Marketing

  • Event planning

  • Sales and quote management

  • New business enquiries

  • Review and approval of marketing collateral

Customer Service and Support

  • Customer support tickets, queries, and complaints handling

  • Surveys and Feedback

  • Contract Renewals

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