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The Power of the Cloud

Office 365 gives your teams the power to work any time, anywhere on any device. Whether you’re already seeing the benefits of lower costs and greater security with Office 365 or just thinking about getting that value for your business, as Office 365 experts we can help you make your next move in cloud productivity.

Why use Intelogy?

  • Long term partners – We offer a range of services designed to assist with your journey to the cloud and then support you once you are there.

  • Cutting edge technology – Our Office 365 services help businesses take advantage of Microsoft’s latest cloud technologies.

  • Seamless migration – We migrate your email to Office 365 with almost no impact on your team.

  • Acceleration – We can help you extend, develop and accelerate your cloud platform to get the most out of your Office 365 investment.

Why move to Office 365?

  • Reduces service delivery costs.
  • Delivers Office apps, Skype for Business, SharePoint.
  • No need to worry about servers and maintenance.
  • Office 365 will grow with your business.
  • Works anywhere with any device.



Our experts will help you identify how best to realise the benefits of Office 365 for your business.

We will consider all aspects of your IT infrastructure including email, messaging, productivity, application development and maintenance, data centres, security and identity management, mobile and other device connectivity and software asset management.

With this information we can give you an assessment of the business impacts and value your business can gain from Office 365 in the form of a roadmap to achieving greater value and business growth from your IT investment.


We believe in partnerships and our teams will work with you to develop the most suitable roadmap for your business’ move to the Cloud. Carefully considered and well communicated plans will ensure that your journey is safe, secure and provides an immediate return on investment.


We provide demos and bespoke proof of concept presentations to help you understand the potential for Office 365 to change the way you work. We will talk with you to understand your priorities and to help you engage with your teams to communicate the potential and value of Office 365.


With SharePoint hybrid, productivity services in Office 365 can be integrated with an on-premises SharePoint deployment to provide unified functionality and access to cloud based services and data. For enterprises maintaining on-premises SharePoint services, or those that want to gradually move their existing on-premises services to the cloud, hybrid extends high-impact SharePoint workloads to Office 365.

A SharePoint hybrid environment enables trusted communication between Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint. We can help you configure integrated functionality between services and features such as Search, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Business Connectivity Services, and Delve.

Try Office 365 Business Premium

See the power and potential of Office 365 for your work with a free 30 day trial of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium.

All the features of Business Essentials and Business in one integrated plan.

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Try Office 365


Through the use of automated tools and our tried and tested migration process, we will ensure that your first step into the Cloud is seamless and provides immediate business value.

Exchange mailboxes

For many companies, the journey to Office 365 starts with adopting Office 365 for email.

Files and Intranets

Solutions for all your information management requirements.

Notes to Office 365

We have in-depth Lotus Notes expertise to support migration to SharePoint.

Active Directory

We integrate Active Directory with the Microsoft Cloud enabling single-sign-on for Office 365.


Office 365 has a wealth of different tools therefore it can be difficult to work out which should be used for which purpose.

Use an Intelogy Office 365 consultant to make sense of this rapidly growing ecosystem and devise a strategy that fits your organisation.

We will deliver on your plans for Office 365 with experts in Platform, Solutions, Information Management and Business Change.

We can help you devise a plan to ensure the adoption of your choices is as smooth as possible.

Whether it’s an agile iteration of team solutions or a large scale business change programme, our project teams use their experience and technical expertise to safely and successfully deliver products and solutions that will realise your vision for Cloud productivity.


Office 365 isn’t just about moving your email to the cloud. It opens up a world of new possibilities to create new business solutions to improve collaboration, increase process efficiency and puts the relevant tools and information at your team’s fingertips.

Based upon the ever growing and powerful Office 365 framework, we provide a range of scalable, extensible and future-proof configured or custom solutions to meet your business needs.


We provide ongoing support to give you peace of mind with a responsive, guaranteed service covering all aspects of your Office 365 programme with cover for assistance, incident resolution, questions, consultancy and enhancement.

  • Incident management with Microsoft support
  • User management
  • Licensing
  • Mailbox lifecycle

  • Security and compliance

  • Data leak prevention
  • Litigation hold
  • Email encryption
  • Rights management

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