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Why use Intelogy?

  • We can get you to the Cloud safely and quickly.
  • We have several years of experience and a proven best practice methodology.

  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider.

  • We are a complete Cloud service provider – licenses, migration, support, development and consultancy services to make best value of all Office 365 options.

  • An Intelogy migration strategy is the key to success.

Mail User Experience

As most of the migration occurs in the background, your users will not be affected during the majority of the migration process. During cutover disruption is limited as workstation are automatically reconfigured to work with the new email system. This can be deferred if the pending cutover does not suit user workflows. If you are using shared workstations the deployment can be scripted to modify the required setting on logon.

Mobile devices are usually reconfigured or confirmed on cutover by the Intelogy migration specialist.



The timescale of a project is dependent on a few key factors. The amount of data to be migrated, the number of users being deployed, the number of devices in use, your available bandwidth and your own time restriction, if any.

We address all time requirements during the migration process. You will be asked for input during the planning phase. This allows us to form a migration schedule that meets your exact requirements.

Risks of DIY migrations

  • Experience – How many cloud migrations have you done?
  • Quality – Can your internal team migrate all data, settings and personalization items?
  • Employee Cost – Someone who has not completed a migration before will on average take at least twice the amount of time to complete the tasks. What price can you put on their time?
  • Risk – How much downtime can you afford to take?

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