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Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services2023-12-21T12:01:23+00:00

We are Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence Consultants and Power BI Developers

Our experts can help you discover insights hidden in your data.

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Develop and share interactive business reports and dashboards with Power BI

Power BI is a leading low-code/no-code Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation platform and not just a report tool. It gives you the ability to make more informed business decisions based on data insights.

Our Power BI Consultants and Developers can help generate up-to-date business intelligence metrics through interactive data dashboards to encourage business growth. As part of our Power BI Consultancy Services we will also show you the ropes of this incredible platform so you can manipulate your data and share interesting reports with others.

Our Power BI Consultancy Process 

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Our Power BI Consultants will host a requirement gathering workshop to understand the existing reporting process.

Power BI Opportunities



In collaboration with your team, we will explore new ways you can start capturing business metrics & opportunities for improvement.

Power BI Data


Data Capture Process

Our Power BI developers will build an intelligent solution to enhance your data capture process and eliminate manual collation of data.

Looking into Power BI metrics


Read your Data

We will train your staff to work with the new Power BI dashboards so that the viewing & interpretation of reports become seamless.

Solutions provided with

Microsoft Power BI

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Book a call with our Power BI Experts

Our Power BI Consultancy Services can be tailored to your needs.

Choose us for Power BI Consultancy Services

Microsoft’s Preferred Partners are a select group of Microsoft partners who are committed to helping customers take advantage of Microsoft technologies to improve their business processes. Intelogy has been recognised as being “Preferred” for Microsoft 365 Business Applications. This puts Intelogy into an exclusive group that has been recognised by Microsoft for the quality of its technical delivery and knowledge and insight in this area.

Microsoft Preferred Business Applications - Microsoft Gold Partner
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Sample data

A streamlined reporting process to unlock greater insights into data.

Recently Intelogy delivered a project for a leading construction firm that undertakes monthly reporting cycles during which they review financial, environmental and safety performance across their sites. Intelogy introduced a central data repository, enabling managers to submit monthly reports to a central SharePoint list. Not only did this enable easier access to the data but it greatly enhanced its integrity and structure, whilst simultaneously removing the administrative overhead of manual data collection and collation.

Our Power BI Developers also created an interactive experience via Power BI reports, which facilitated new, actionable insights into their operational practices.

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