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Revolutionise existing processes with business applications that can be accessed on any device

Quickly build cost-effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain low-code applications with Power Apps

Office Attendance Booking App - Power Apps example

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code cloud service that empowers organisations to build robust applications that connect to organisational data, wherever it may be, without having to rely on custom development.

The flexibility of Power Apps allows for business scenarios of any size to be addressed, whether that involves increasing personal productivity by reducing manual tasks or meeting the requirements of thousands of users as a business-critical solution. Microsoft Power Apps enables rapid and cost-effective development, offering a new alternative to organisations wishing to digitise their processes without having to rely on either off-the-shelf solutions, which often struggle to meet bespoke requirements, or fully custom development, traditionally found to be expensive and difficult to maintain.

Power Apps Examples and Use Cases

The possibilities with Power Apps are endless. Below are a few examples of what we have built in the past and other examples of where business apps can be used. Contact our Power Apps developers and experts to see how we can help!

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Microsoft’s Preferred Partners are a select group of Microsoft partners who are committed to helping customers take advantage of Microsoft technologies to improve their business processes. Intelogy has been recognised as being “Preferred” for Microsoft 365 Business Applications. This puts Intelogy into an exclusive group that has been recognised by Microsoft for the quality of its technical delivery and knowledge and insight in this area.

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London’s Air Ambulance

“When it comes to the potential of what this technology can do for us, the sky’s the limit”

Our most recent project with London Air Ambulance is one we are particularly proud of. With the successful delivery of the Checklists and Equipment Tracking apps by our Power Apps Developers, the operational teams at London’s Air Ambulance can now check, validate, and report on all their medical equipment packs and physically track every item of equipment.

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