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Project Cortex – Get more from your content2021-03-24T16:03:07+00:00

Project Cortex is the most exciting addition to Microsoft 365 since Teams!

Providing a suite of rich AI-assisted capabilities, Project Cortex can help you to get more value out of your existing content. This brand new addition to Microsoft 365 makes it easy to bring together knowledge from across the organisation without having to change the way you work.

As the UK’s leading provider of Project Cortex services, Intelogy is proud to one of only a handful of companies globally to be selected by Microsoft as one of their Preferred Charter Partners – the highest tier of the Content Services Partner Program.

Microsoft Preferred Content Services Provider
Project Cortex
Project Cortex

SharePoint Syntex – Advanced Metadata Extraction

From advanced cognitive capture, to automated content tagging, Intelogy can help you to get the most out of SharePoint Syntex.

  • Integration of metadata extraction into complete business processes

  • Automatically capture information from forms, purchase orders, invoices and statements

  • Capture metadata from your unstructured content with Document Understanding models

  • Integrate Forms Processing within AI Builder, to extract metadata from structured files

  • Automate the process of classifying your different types of documents

Project Cortex

Planning a successful Knowledge Network

Intelogy can help you to plan the application of Topics in your organisation, so that you can get the most out of your Knowledge Network. This will be available with the next Project Cortex product.

  • Supplement Project Cortex’s powerful Artificial Intelligence with careful human oversight

  • Add Topics to complete gaps in machine learning derived knowledge

  • Identify and delete superfluous topics that could confuse or mislead

  • Introduce additional information into Project Cortex’s topic cards, deriving additional value

  • Define and create a starting set of core knowledge topics

Project Cortex

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