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Turn your content into knowledge with SharePoint Syntex through advanced AI and machine learning

SharePoint Syntex will make it easy for you to build processes that automatically capture and process content

Our SharePoint Syntex consultants are at the forefront of using advanced AI and machine learning to classify and then extract metadata from documents using SharePoint Syntex. We will gather data about your content and make recommendations of where Syntex might bring value to your organisation. Then use our experience to implement these recommendations.

As one of only a handful of Preferred Syntex Launch Partners globally, our team here at Intelogy is excited to help you get the most out of SharePoint Syntex.

SharePoint Syntex Process


  • Use advanced AI to capture and tag structured/unstructured content
  • Create AI models to classify & extract information and identify metadata.
  • Content Lifecycle: Receive Content -> Classify Content-> Extraction-> Generate Content
  • Use Syntex Content Assembly to generate documents using extracted metadata
  • Image Tagging – auto recognise objects and auto tag files
  • Enforce security & compliance with auto applied Sensitivity/Retention labels
  • Use Syntex taxonomy to generate Viva Topics
  • Connect SharePoint Syntex to content inside and outside Microsoft 365.
  • Migrate from anywhere: file shares, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
  • Full skills-transfer, collateral production and training services
  • Methods of Classification and Entity Extraction:
  • Document Understanding – automate classification & entity extraction from unstructured documents
  • Forms Processing – Identify & extract metadata from structured/semi-structured documents


  • Report on your existing environment to show where Syntex would bring value.
  • Bring to life data repositories and extract value from content
  • Intuitive information recovery and discovery, with optimised search and filtering
  • Reduce ongoing effort of manual content classification
  • Automated contextual tagging: minimise impact on staff without compromising classification
  • Report using extracted metadata with Business Analytics (e.g. Power BI)
  • Business process automation can also be triggered on classification/metadata extracted
  • Microsoft Content Services partner – aligned with M365 roadmap
  • Frequently meet with the Microsoft Product team for Syntex
  • Synergy with Viva Topics – Use Syntex to identify possible topics
  • Tailored blend of O365 services: Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint


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