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Custom SharePoint Development Services2023-07-07T10:45:31+01:00

We offer bespoke SharePoint Development Services suitable for any organisation

SharePoint development services at Intelogy foster productivity, collaboration and growth. As a trusted SharePoint development company, we aim to maximise user adoption and your return on investment.

Intelogy are a leading SharePoint development company based in the UK and we offer custom SharePoint development services that align with your specific business objectives and boost staff productivity and overall growth. Our SharePoint architects, consultants and developers have many years of experience in building bespoke collaboration portals, intranet architectures and complete modern work hubs.

Choose Intelogy for your SharePoint Development

Our SharePoint Developers have been working with SharePoint since its inception in 2001 and through our SharePoint Development Services you will gain access to these specialists and their experience. We have delivered countless SharePoint solutions and to this day, it’s one of our most requested services.

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Our SharePoint Development Services consist of the following:

Full-cycle Microsoft SharePoint Development Services:

  • SharePoint Intranet development

  • SharePoint Extranet Development

  • SharePoint Governance

  • SharePoint Document Management
  • SharePoint Knowledge Management
  • SharePoint Web Parts Development
  • PnP Search
  • Automation with Power Automate

Below are some SharePoint solutions we are particularly proud of:

“My team who were working on a recent SharePoint revamp were really concerned that we were careful when rebuilding our SharePoint sites and that we had the chance to cross train other members of staff who were not technical. I have to say that after our first conversation with Intelogy, we had the feeling that not only were we in safe hands but they actually understood us and how we work.”

– IT Manager, London & Partners

“Migrating to SharePoint Online, was an excellent opportunity for the Royal Albert Hall to continue our adoption of the Office365 platform, reducing our reliance on on-premise infrastructure whilst taking advantage of the generous licensing support Microsoft extends to registered charities.”

– Head of IT, Royal Albert Hall

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Fill out the form below to request a call with our SharePoint Developers. We are ready to help you with anything from SharePoint solution development to implementation of custom branding or integrations for your current SharePoint solution.

Work with our SharePoint Developers on custom and impactful SharePoint Projects

Are you looking for responsive, impactful and most importantly customisable and intuitive SharePoint solutions? We offer professional Microsoft SharePoint development services that amplify business productivity, improve communication, and streamline operations. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation.

SharePoint Development Services – FAQs

What are SharePoint Development Services?2023-06-26T12:40:23+01:00

SharePoint Development Services entail the building of SharePoint-based solutions. These solutions are customisable and require to optimise business processes and meet specific business requirements, increasing collaboration and improving information management.

Can we request SharePoint development services for minor work?2023-06-26T12:40:57+01:00

Yes, our SharePoint development services are at your disposal in accordance with your needs. First, we will assess the time-commitment your projects require and then provide estimations. It might be that we would recommend our Support & Continuous improvement services offer or Managed Services in some cases.

Can your SharePoint Development team work alongside our in-house IT teams?2023-06-16T14:50:26+01:00

Yes, of course we can! Our SharePoint developers are trained to work with both technical and non-technical partners. Our SharePoint experts have both the technical expertise and effective communication skills necessary to guarantee a successful execution of your SharePoint projects. We have worked together with many in-house IT Teams and actually prefer to do so, as we see the best results from good delivery partner – client relationships.

How long does a SharePoint Development Project take to deliver?2023-06-26T12:48:29+01:00

A SharePoint Development project must be carefully planned and executed with the appropriate change & adoption management services. After we scope the project, our SharePoint Consultants will be able to give you specific time estimates for the project as this will depend on the number of requirements.


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