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SharePoint Premium – Content AI Accelerator2024-05-17T11:31:19+01:00

Discover the advantages of Content AI with an introduction to SharePoint Premium backed by Intelogy’s expertise.

Identify and transform your content with SharePoint Premium

Many organisations have a lot of content, but their employees may not be getting the most value from it. Employees may have difficulty finding files by searching or extracting values from the document, for example, an invoice amount without reading it manually. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to handle content, improve search & compliance, and automate business processes.

Identify and transform your content with SharePoint Premium (previously Microsoft Syntex) into valuable knowledge that your organisation can use to make better decisions and be more efficient.

*(Microsoft Syntex has been rebranded and incorporated into SharePoint Premium at Microsoft Ignite on 15 November 2023.)

files (content) being processed by AI and it extracting key values and tagging them in SharePoint libraries - SharePoint Logo

About the SharePoint Premium Accelerator

This SharePoint Premium/Content AI accelerator will introduce SharePoint Premium and how it can work with your content. We will work with you to find and evaluate situations or problems where AI can help you with your content. Then, as part of a prototype, we will implement 1-2 example cases of SharePoint Premium working with your content. After that, we will review the prototypes and give you a high-level recommendations & potential roadmap report for Content AI within your organisation.

Intelogy is an official Microsoft Partner and founding member of the Microsoft Content AI Partner Programme, which means we are exceptionally well placed to help you with your SharePoint Premium journey. Leon Armston, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who received this award from Microsoft for his work with Content AI, will lead this engagement with you. He is one of the few MVPs in the world to specialise in Content AI.

During this SharePoint Premium Accelerator we will cover:

SharePoint Premium can help with the following and more:

  • Automating classification of files and extracting metadata from files
  • Auto-tagging of images
  • Obtaining eSignature on documents

  • Generate documents with templates & data lookups
  • Translating documents

  • Taxonomy Tagging
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Labelling identified files with Sensitivity/Retention Labels

  • Preparing your content for Copilot

Request our SharePoint Premium Accelerator

Discover how SharePoint Premium can help you enhance, manage, and connect your content at scale with our SharePoint Premium Accelerator.

FAQs about our SharePoint Premium/Content AI Accelerator

How long does it take to complete the SharePoint Premium Accelerator?2024-04-30T15:27:09+01:00

The engagement will take around 1.5 days in total but this will typically be spread over 1-2 weeks to allow longer period of time for setup and building time.

We’re already using SharePoint Premium or have trialled it before – is this offering for us?2024-04-30T15:35:04+01:00

Yes, this offering is for you. The SharePoint Premium – Content AI Accelerator can be adapted to focus on the needs of those who have already used or trialled SharePoint Premium before. Please reach out and we can discuss your requirements/formulate a tailored offering.

Let us share our experience and expertise to assist you in putting your content to work.

Which companies are eligible for this SharePoint Premium Accelerator?2024-04-30T15:36:21+01:00

The idea is that this can be done remotely, so it could suit any organisation in any location. This could also be changed to be delivered in-person too.

Is there a company size requirement?2024-05-13T13:54:19+01:00

You could be of any size to benefit from AI being used with your content and saving your employees time to be more efficient.

Who is this for? Who needs to participate?2024-05-13T13:55:25+01:00

SharePoint Premium works with content and, in our experience, employees know their content best. Therefore, we encourage participation and input from business users themselves as it gives us great insight into the challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

All phases would typically be business decision makers/interested business users. Except the for the build/pilot this may require further involvement from other business users to supply documents etc.

Business users who deal with many documents and want to see how AI can help them automate some tasks. They may face difficulties in locating and classifying documents. They may also produce a lot of personalised documents.

There will be some IT involvement to configure the tenant for SharePoint Premium pay as you go billing and setting a spending cap.

What is the SharePoint Premium Promotional Offer?2024-05-13T13:56:19+01:00

SharePoint Premium has a special offer that gives some monthly capacity at no cost for some SharePoint Premium services. This is for all customers who have set up their M365 tenant for SharePoint Premium pay as you go and is planned to finish 30th June 2024.

However, if this offer is not available at spending cap could configured to limit spending to $50-$100 for the pilot.

You can find more details in our blog post here.

What is the expended end-state for us?2024-05-13T13:56:59+01:00

You will have a firm understanding of SharePoint Premium/Content AI and its capabilities. Along with a high level backlog of scenarios where Content AI could be used to put your content to work.

What if we want to do more?2024-05-13T13:57:45+01:00

We’d love to continue the conversation and help you further to help you on your Content AI journey. We can help you with the scenarios identified from the backlog and advise/guide you to implement these scenarios.

Do we need to prepare anything in advance?2024-05-13T13:59:03+01:00

Come with ideas, challenges, and a forward-thinking attitude.


We would love to hear your ideas

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