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SharePoint Premium Workshop2024-03-21T16:46:31+00:00

Do more with your organisation’s content with AI powered content management and experiences. Identify and transform that content into valuable knowledge that your organisation can use to make better decisions and help your employees to be more efficient.

As Microsoft Partners and founding members of the Microsoft Content AI Partner Programme we are very well placed to get you started with your SharePoint Premium journey.

SharePoint Premium can help with:

  • Automating classification of files and extracting metadata from files.
  • Auto-tagging of images
  • Obtaining eSignature on documents.
  • Generate Documents with Content Assembly
  • Translating documents
  • Taxonomy Tagging
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Labelling identified files with Sensitivity/Retention Labels
  • Preparing your content for Copilot.

About the SharePoint Premium workshop

This one-day SharePoint Premium workshop will offer you a deep-dive into SharePoint Premium along with how to use it to solve your business problems.

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Discover how SharePoint Premium can help you enhance, manage, and connect your content at scale with our SharePoint Premium Workshop.

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