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Microsoft Gold Partner

Our team of SharePoint experts, who have been building Microsoft solutions since 1994, can help you plan, implement and develop SharePoint to meet the immediate needs of your business and will provide ongoing support, development and infrastructure consultancy to ensure your SharePoint platform continues to provide a scalable, secure and high performance service.

With the arrival of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft’s flagship collaboration platform goes from strength to strength and continues to provide the most suitable platform for some companies over Office 365 and Cloud based services.


Health check

SharePoint is a powerful and complex platform that needs to be carefully maintained and configured to ensure it is providing the performance and scalability needed as the business demands for data storage and discovery increase.

We can help you keep SharePoint perfectly tuned. One of our Microsoft certified SharePoint platform team will carry out an extensive review of your deployment and provide you with a health check report, highlighting issues, making recommendations and prioritising actions to be taken.

Planning and Roadmaps

We believe in partnerships and our teams will work with you to understand your business, its technology needs and to develop a roadmap to ensure success for your SharePoint deployment.

Capacity and Infrastructure

Our Platform Consultants can help you plan and prepare your infrastructure for SharePoint and will work with you to define the requirements and recommendations for the target hosting environment, interfaces and configuration, taking the following into account.

  • Server specification and architecture

  • Hosting topology

  • SharePoint configuration

  • Identity management

  • Operational requirements

  • Support, incident, service level management

  • Change and release management

  • Disaster recovery, high availability, backup & recovery


We provide demos and bespoke proof of concept presentations to help you understand the potential for SharePoint to change the way you work. We will talk with you to understand your priorities and to help you engage with your teams to communicate the potential and value of SharePoint.


With SharePoint hybrid, productivity services in Office 365 can be integrated with on-premises SharePoint to provide unified functionality and access to cloud based services and data. For enterprises maintaining on-premises SharePoint services, or those that want to gradually move their existing on-premises services to the cloud, hybrid extends high-impact SharePoint workloads to Office 365.

A SharePoint hybrid environment enables trusted communications between Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint. We can help you configure integrated functionality between services and features such as Search, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Business Connectivity Services, Delve, and more.


Working closely with our partners, we advise on product licensing for SharePoint, and handle the procurement of a range of 3rd party products on behalf of our clients.

Migration / Upgrades

SharePoint to SharePoint

We have all the skills and experience to help you plan and safely execute your SharePoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 platform upgrade.

Notes to SharePoint

We have in-depth Lotus Notes expertise to support migration of complex business applications to SharePoint.

Documents and Records

SharePoint solutions out of the box or with custom enhancements for all your information management requirements.


SharePoint has a wealth of different tools and it can be difficult to work out which should be used for which purpose. Our SharePoint Consultants make sense of this rapidly growing ecosystem and devise a strategy that fits your organisation. We can help you devise a plan to ensure that the adoption of your requirements is as smooth as possible.


We will deliver on your plans for SharePoint with experts in Platform, Solutions, Information Management and Business Change. Whether it’s rapid development of small solutions for teams, like forms and workflow, or the deployment of large scale business systems, our teams use their experience and technical expertise to realise your vision for enterprise productivity.


Even small code changes and configuration tweaks can have a big impact on SharePoint performance. We can help you keep SharePoint running efficiently, providing the service levels your teams demand, with expert reviews and updates around configuration, networking, databases, code, architecture, Service Pack deployments and regression testing.


Office 365 isn’t just about moving your email to the cloud. It opens up a world of new possibilities to create new business solutions to improve collaboration, increase process efficiency and puts the relevant tools and information at your team’s fingertips.

Based upon the ever growing and powerful Office 365 framework, we provide a range of scalable, extensible and future-proof configured or custom solutions to meet your business needs.


We provide ongoing support to give you peace of mind with a responsive, guaranteed service covering all aspects of your Office 365 programme with cover for assistance, incident resolution, questions, consultancy and enhancement.

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