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Having worked with the SharePoint platform since its inception, we have years of experience engaging SharePoint to enhance business productivity and communication. Our SharePoint Consultants design and build SharePoint Websites, SharePoint Extranets, SharePoint Intranets, SharePoint Content Management and SharePoint Document Management systems integrated with Workflow and Business Intelligence solutions on Microsoft 365 and on-premise.

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Your content, beautifully curated

SharePoint allows you to easily share and manage your organisation’s knowledge and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across your organisation.

We love SharePoint.  Below are some projects we are particularly proud of:


Our SharePoint consultants can move your content from any (we mean ANY) system into SharePoint.  In our 20+ years of building intranets, we’ve seen it all and are ready for your migration.


SharePoint has automated health management systems to ensure everything stays running smoothly. Our SharePoint infrastructure team ensures your systems run at optimal performance to help your workforce reach their full potential.

Automated Governance

Our SharePoint information architects provide your technical teams with governance documents outlining what goes where, who has access to what and the procedures to follow when creating new collaboration areas or sites.  This allows your people to focus on their jobs, while the automated processes ensure that URLs are predictable, approval workflows are maintained, classified content stays safe and traceable accountability is available when required.

Information Architecture

Planning is everything.  Our SharePoint architects have designed intranets for small and global organisations with very complex requirements, relating to government, medical and legal fields.  Our information architects ensure users’ search experience is quick and concise, processes critical to your certifications are followed and your intranet is perfectly laid out to be an intuitive part of your peoples’ everyday life.


Security is important, and your information is no exception.  Our SharePoint security experts can help you secure your content with policies to ensure it is safe, even when accessed away from your offices on a mobile device or shared with approved people outside your network.  We can also get you ready to easily secure and wipe data on compromised or stolen devices.

Going beyond SharePoint

SharePoint was built with connectors in mind.  There are multiple third-party tools that connect seamlessly to SharePoint to help you collaborate better, from moving files from Outlook directly into your project, to complex automation tools and custom mobile applications.

Our expert SharePoint consultants help you consider additions that compliment how your people work and provide you with a roadmap to follow long term while aligning your organisation’s journey towards the modern ways of working.

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User Experience

Your brand, your images and your corporate identity are all integral parts of your people’s daily interactions with your company.  Your intranet should be an attractive and engaging feature of everyday life for your people.

Our SharePoint user experience designers facilitate workshops with stakeholders and employees to gather important metrics around how your people work and identify improvements.  We match this with your business requirements and architect the perfection solution, tailored to your people and their ways.

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