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Your Cloud Journey

Whether you’re looking to make your first venture to the Microsoft Cloud or planning to enhance your existing investment, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you take the right steps.

We recognise every organisation is different. If you have complex requirements, our engagements can be tailored to your needs.  If you’re not sure where to start, we have a range of packaged services, with per-user pricing that implement baseline policies and best practice to help you transition to a modern workplace.

Once you’re there, we can simplify the on-going management of a fast-paced cloud world with our Managed Service solutions.

Packaged Services

Email Migration

  • Enterprise grade email platform

  • Messages encrypted in transit and at rest

  • Migrate from many email platforms including Exchange, GSuite, IMAP, Lotus Notes and GroupWise

  • Built-in advanced threat protection with anti-spam and anti-malware services

  • 100GB mailbox per-person, unlimited archiving

  • Advanced compliance features to support litigation hold, in-place hold, content retention and disposition

  • Secure message encryption

  • Outlook email client for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS

Home Drive File Migration

  • 1TB dedicated personal cloud storage per-person

  • Synchronise files and folders with your computer and mobile device

  • Controlled access from personal devices to prevent data leakage/loss

  • Access your content even when you’re offline

  • Native integration with Microsoft 365

  • Automatically sync important folders to the cloud

  • Compliance features to facilitate content retention and disposition

  • Rich co-authoring experience with people inside and outside your organisation

Device Migration

  • Modern, cloud-managed approach for provisioning and managing devices

  • Single sign-on with apps and services

  • Baseline security policies keep devices protected inline with NCSC guidelines

  • PIN and biometric authentication

  • Sanctioned business applications

  • Full remote wipe

  • Endpoint protection including anti-malware and local drive encryption

  • Backup important folders to the cloud

Voice & Telephony Migration

  • Migrate legacy PBX and VoIP phone systems

  • Online meeting and conference call capabilities

  • Take calls or join meetings from your computer, meeting rooms or mobile devices


  • Protect identities with multi-factor authentication

  • Securely control access to company data on personal devices

  • Remove only company data from personal devices

  • Allow the use of sanctioned business applications when working with company data

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