Easy Copilot prompt examples you must try to get started

This blog is a collection of Copilot prompt examples you can try, organised per application.

Recently I found myself with an opportunity to try Microsoft Copilot, but I had no idea where to begin. Probably just like you, I understood that Copilot has a lot of potential, but what could I even ask it to do?

I’m sure you are excited to use Copilot and can’t wait to save yourself 3 hours a day by getting AI to do the heavy lifting. Trust me, I was hoping to do the same. But in reality, I found myself wasting time on prompts.

I thought: I can’t be the only one struggling to figure out Copilot. Here is the thing, sometimes the best way to learn something new is to just dive in. I decided to ditch the overthinking, stop overloading myself with long tutorials and start experimenting with simple prompts. I started off by playing around with the prompts Copilot was suggesting and slowly made my way to more complex prompts.

I hope this blog will help you dip a toe in the water and allow you to get started with Copilot. Once you are familiar with the basics, you can let you imagination run wild.

Copilot Prompt Examples for Word

The Copilot functionality in Word is available in the ribbon.

  1. Summarise this document.
  2. What is the purpose of this file?
  3. What are the key takeaways from this document.
  4. Which tasks are assigned to me in this document?
  5. Brainstorm title ideas for this document.
  6. Explain this document in 1 paragraph.
  7. List the pros and cons of [idea].
  8. How can I improve the introduction of this text?
  9. Generate a more professional conclusion.
  10. What arguments does this document provide?
  11. What does this file say about [topic, organisation, person]?
  12. Which tasks are assigned to [name employee] in this document?
  13. Is there any mention of a timeline or deadline in this file?

Copilot Prompt Examples for PowerPoint

The Copilot functionality in PowerPoint is available in the ribbon.

  1. Create a presentation about [topic] with the following sections [sections].
  2. Create a new presentation based on the information in file /Start typing to search.
  3. What are the key slides in this presentation.
  4. What are the key takeaways from this presentation?
  5. Summarise this presentation.
  6. What is a readable font size for PowerPoint presentations?
  7. Are there any deadlines mentioned?
  8. Add a slide about [topic].
  9. Add an agenda slide.
  10. Add an image of [something/someone] to this slide.
  11. How can I improve the readability of my presentation?

Copilot Prompt Examples for Excel

The Copilot functionality in Excel is available in the ribbon.
Note: Your data need to be converted to a table before using these prompts.

  1. Analyse this sales quarter and highlight any trends.
  2. Help me visualise what contributed to the decline in sales growth.
  3. Convert this table into a graph.
  4. Add an extra column to my table and convert the ‘Seconds’ column into minutes.
  5. Add green-yellow-red conditional formatting to my Percentage column.
  6. Rearrange this table and sort it by date.
  7. Filter the table so I only see the results for March with a value over £10,000.
  8. What is the average deal size of all the deals created in April.
  9. Which deals over £10,000 have the quickest sign off timeline?
  10. Create a pie chart with this table.
  11. Are there any outliers in my data?
  12. Create a sales report based on the Opportunity Value, ranked by salesperson.

Copilot Prompt Examples for Outlook

The Copilot functionality in Outlook is available in the ribbon when you are working on a new email. However, the ‘Summarize’ feature of Copilot is visible in the top right corner of an email thread.

  1. Create a new email and tell Copilot what you want this email to say. You can adjust the tone and length of the draft.
Start a draft with Copilot in Outlook

2. Ask Copilot to summarise an email thread.

Summarize emails in Outlook with Copilot

3. Draft a reply with Copilot
4. You can use Copilot in Microsoft Teams to locate an email. For example, ask Copilot to pull up the last email from [person], or on [topic].
5. Draft a reply to an email and rely on ‘Coaching by Copilot’ to help you improve it.

Coaching by Copilot in Outlook

6. Use Copilot to analyse Outlook calendars. For example, ask Copilot to find a 2-hour window in [person]’s calendar and yours so you can schedule a meeting. You can’t ask Copilot to schedule the meeting.

Copilot Prompt Examples for Microsoft Teams

The Copilot functionality in Teams chats is available in the ribbon. If you want to use Copilot in a channel post, you will find the icon at the bottom of the draft window. If you want to use Copilot across all your chats and channels you can add Copilot to your Teams ribbon through the Apps Store.

  1. Recap my last meeting.
  2. Who attended this meeting?
  3. When is my next meeting with [person]?
  4. When is my next meeting?
  5. What were the outcomes of the [name meeting] meeting?
  6. Help me prepare for [meeting].

Copilot Prompt Examples for Microsoft Teams Meetings

Note: The meeting must be transcribed to enable Copilot.

  1. Recap the meeting or recap this meeting so far.
  2. How did [a meeting participant] respond to the idea of [the idea]
  3. Create a table with the discussed options and their pros and cons.
  4. List action items.
  5. Suggest follow-up questions.
  6. What questions are unresolved?
  7. List the main items we discussed.
  8. Generate meeting notes.
  9. What questions were asked, answered, and unresolved?
  10. What was the mood of the meeting?
  11. Summarise what people said, in a less technical way.
  12. For each participant, what was the biggest concern? What were they most excited about?
  13. What idea did [a meeting participant] have that I can share with the product team?
  14. Draft an email to the meeting participants that summarised the meeting and includes the action items.

Copilot Prompt Examples for OneNote

The Copilot functionality in OneNote is available in the ribbon.

  1. Summarise this page.
  2. Extract a to-do list for me based on the call to actions.
  3. Improve this section to sound more professional.
  4. I need to plan a fundraiser. Create a to do list for me.
  5. Recommend a marketing strategy based on our marketing report from last year.
  6. Simplify this text so we can explain it to new staff.
  7. Analyse the blog topic ideas on this page and identify the strongest ones and why.
  8. List the pros and cons of [topic]

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