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Microsoft 365 Endpoint Management Assessment2024-04-26T14:23:10+01:00

Microsoft 365 Endpoint Management Assessment

Our Endpoint Management Assessment is an analysis of your organisation’s current system for securing and managing devices.

  • How are you managing your mobile devices, laptops, and other user endpoints?
  • Do you know if your user’s devices are compliant with your IT policies?

  • Do you know if your users’ identity is protected?

Request our Endpoint Management Assessment

Enable users to be productive and secure, on any device, without compromising IT security.

Today’s users are looking for more ways to remain productive while working on any device. 95% of organisations allow personal devices in the workspace. All these devices add additional risks, when you consider that 70 million smartphones are lost every year.

With users asking for more ways to work the way they prefer, we will show you how to manage and secure both company-owned and user-chosen devices in the cloud with intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration with the Microsoft products you already use.

Endpoint management Assessment

Our tailored 2-day Endpoint Management Assessment is designed to help you:

  • Highlight ways to improve your security posture with Microsoft Intune
  • Understand how management policies can protect your users, company data and devices
  • Gain insights about your endpoints and their alignment with IT compliance policies
  • Discover the best ways to give people secure access to the apps and data they need, on the device they want

We’ll work with you to:

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